“From our heart to your plate”

It all began in 2003 with a dream of an ordinary housewife Ms Rebecca Lee, who had a burning passion for handcrafting vegetarian dishes. Seeing that the lack of vegetarian alternatives in the buffet industry, Ms Lee thus laid the groundwork and curated over 100 Asian cuisines in an effort to spread the joy of a healthy meat-free diet. And that was how Lotus Vegetarian was born – a place where loved ones can nourish themselves with flavourful and wholesome vegetarian cuisines. At Lotus Vegetarian, meat-free dishes have been injected with a new meaning. The journey to creating the finest cuisines begins with the meticulous step of sourcing for natural, fresh ingredients and churning homemade sauces. Lotus Vegetarian also constantly innovates their offerings, combining constitution-boosting herbs and greens to create new aromatic blends.
Like a lotus flower which embodies the qualities of love, purity and devotion, these qualities are also encapsulated in the convictions of Lotus Vegetarian. Its team of culinary chefs exhibit their unwavering dedication in perfecting every dish and subtly spreading love through meals – because Lotus Vegetarian believes that you deserve the best.


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